What I’ve been up to so Far in 2013

2013 Has been a very busy year so far!

What have I been doing?  Certainly not writing here and for that I apologize!  

I worked a very busy and hectic contract in Maryville, TN from March 18th until May 18th.  It was a test of my tenacity as a nurse!!  After TN, I visited with family for a couple of weeks before heading out on (yet) another International Trip!  I didn’t write here on A Rediscovered Life because I was locked out of my account and couldn’t regain access!!  In addition, I was busy working on a new project (thegypsynurse.com) which is going great and took a ton of my time!

Where did my International travels take me this time?

Panama City, Panama

I had a wonderful time exploring Panama on a solo, self-guided trip.  There were a few adjustment issues along the way….but I was able to quickly recognize them and work through it. If your ever in Panama City you MUST check out the Fish Market and have some Ceviche…the BEST EVER!

Panama City

Boquette, Panama

Following Panama City, I headed into ‘Coffee-Country’ in Panama and explored the small town of Boquette.  I intended to stay only a couple of days and ended up staying for nearly 3 weeks!  I met some wonderful people there, got a ton of work done (on thegypsynurse.com) and truly relaxed. I also found an opportunity to ‘push’ myself with a pretty challenging hike and found some insight about how we treat each other along the way.


Leon, Nicaragua 

Next stop….Leon Nicaragua!  I met up with a good friend here.  Although suffering though some miserable heat (and no air conditioning), I found some great ‘offices’ to work from, met a lovely local lady (who told me in Spanish all about the murals and history of the Revolution).  Leon is beautiful …I only wish it were a bit cooler!


Routa de Las Flores, El Salvador

El Salvador was beautiful and the people were very friendly.  My travels through El Salvador reminded me that although I will always travel with caution, it isn’t always as scary or dangerous as others will try to make you believe. The people of El Salvador were lovely and it’s a location that I’ll travel again someday. The Routa de Las Flores (Route of Flowers) although not in ‘bloom’ was an interesting travel route to follow.  The amount of Murals on buildings is perhaps the largest concentration I’ve ever seen in such a small area.  Just wandering the streets taking photo’s of the murals was entertainment for a full day!


Antigua and Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

My trip ended with two weeks back in Guatemala!  I wasn’t nearly as impressed this time around with Antigua as I was during my first trip the previous year.  I do, however still love the market there!  It’s one of my favorites!  San Pedro in Lake Atitlan was amazing!  The relaxed atmosphere, good mix of local culture and expats, and just a general relaxed vibe were exactly what I needed at the time.  I met some (more) great people, got tons of work done and mentally prepared myself for the return home.

lake atitlan

Coffee, Street Art, Amazing Culture, introspection….what more can a girl want? The next trip….Stay Tuned!