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Meraki – A Remote Experience




To do something with Soul, Creativity, or Love; To put something of yourself into your work….

This is going to be the motto that I’ll live by in 2017. Wait…it’s only September 2016, you might wonder why am I setting a motto for 2017 already?

I’m going on a year-long adventure in 2017!!

It’s finally confirmed! I’m going to be traveling with Remote Year for all of 2017.

When I decided to pursue this opportunity, it was mainly an effort to force myself back into international travel without the hassle of organizing and arranging everything myself. When I actually got a spot confirmed, I started to think about what I was going to do. Since the incorporation of private investors with The Gyspy Nurse, I’ve got a lot more time on my hands…but, if you know me; you know that I’m certainly not one to sit idle with nothing to focus on! So….what am I going to do with my Remote Year?

Being a nurse and having been highly involved in the support of the travel nurse community has been exciting, fun and quite the challenge. I am hoping to bring a bit of information on the best and the worst of the state of healthcare to the community. I’ll be pursuing information on the day-to-day life of nurses, the hospital environments, local healthcare volunteer organizations and pursuits, differences in treatments and processes and any other topics that happen to peek my interest or I can get an inside look.

I knew going into remote year that a lot of fellow travel nurses and healthcare workers, might find this an interesting endeavor so I’ve decided to ask YOU!

What I should do?

Are there questions you have about the countries that I’ll be visiting?

Do you want to know what the local health related superstitions are?

Want to know how local treatments vary from ours here in the US?

Interested in finding out about local healthcare volunteer organizations or opportunities?

So while I may not be actively working as a nurse over the next year, I’ll be immersing myself into the healthcare systems across three continents!

Are you interested in joining me? You can apply directly with Remote Year!!


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Talking Shit…

“Headlights…handlebars….covered in mud…long blond hair…so drunk….”

We ended up spending just over 3 weeks at (what we so lovingly call) L & M campground near Ft Collins! This wasn’t totally intentional…we arrived a bit earlier than we planned, then as we were getting ready to head out, Big Bertha decided to be a bit cantankerous!

The boys got to tinker in the garage and re-connect with cousin Larry. The conversations that ensued were only partly listened too by me;  “Headlights…handlebars….covered in mud…long blond hair…so drunk….”  which I think was a relief to the story-tellers!

Marianne and I spent an afternoon at the Brewersfest. I spent some time wandering around the Oldtown area of Ft Collins which I totally loved! It’s such a quaint little town scattered with great restaurants, live music, boutique shops, graffiti’ed alley-ways and a hip attitude. I didn’t get the camera out much so there’s an opportunity for a future photo-safari!

Check out the additional photos here.

Saying goodbye was bittersweet. It’s always a pleasure spending time with family.

The Hip-Gyp Trip began on June 3, 2016 and who knows when and where it will end…  If you would like to see all of the photo’s from the trip, please visit Hip-Gyp Photo’s

You can follow our adventures via Facebook, Instagram, and my Blog Page via Facebook

To be continued….

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From Colorado through Montana

I’ve been slow to update due to a serious lack of internet. We’ve had a great time exploring over the past several  weeks. In addition to a short trip home at the end of August, to welcome a new Daughter and Grandson into the family, we’ve had some great stops and are continually making great memories!!

Treft Wedding-COLLAGE

Cheyenne, WY

From Fort Collins, we headed a short distance to Restway Travel Park Cheyenne, WY.  Getting right into the local culture, we were invited to attend a small local Rodeo event; “Barrels & Bulls”. Our campground owners’ kids both participate in these fun events! I loved this because it was small, and we got to be up close and personal with all the action!

Our second night, we were amazed by the best light show ever! The sky lit up with lightening IN the clouds and it lasted over an hour…

More Photos…

Glendo State Park Wyoming

After leaving Cheyenne, we headed to Glendo State Park for a couple of nights….we had the most beautiful full moon and twin rainbows here!! More Pictures 

We had to abandon our original campsite due to Bertha being too lazy to make it up the hill! We ended up staying at Two Moon, which was at the lower end of the park. The day after we arrived, we spent lounging around on the beach and Dad and I even built a sandcastle!!  It was a great relaxing day on the beach.

Casper WY

‘Big Bertha’ started acting up again…  Our neighbor, Linda (‘lying Linda’ or ‘lucious Linda’) helped us find a great mechanic and the work on Bertha was quick and painless (mostly painless to the wallet)!

While we were here I found a broken shock mount on Bertha and had to go back to Casper to find a welder to fix my broken shock! This was quite the adventure as we were stopped getting gas and giving the vehicles a car wash and I started chatting with the car wash owner. He was telling me what a bad week he’d been having and I commiserated with him and told him about my broken shock. He knew a ‘guy’ that could fix it and after we finished washing the cars, we went over to the welders place. Nothing like finding a welder on a Sunday! Good Karma!

This guy was AWESOME!!!  He did a great job and his little grandson is a mechanic in the making. Dad says that he is one of the best welders he’s ever met…

Then the guys came out to the campground that evening to hang out and have a drink with us!

Black Beach Campground @ Alcova Reservoir WY

Linda (who we met at the campground in Casper WY, decided to join us and led us out to the Reservoir, she was gracious to take us on a little side trip to explore the Canyon area surrounding the reservoir. The camping opportunities are tremendously beautiful out here (although most are boon docking). It was a great time and one of my favorites to date.

Alcova Reservoir WY (Casper)_0436-2

On our way to Thermopolis, we found Hells Half Acre and had to make a short pitstop to grab a view and a few pictures. See Photos

Hells Half Acre WY_0504.JPG

 Thermopolis, WY

From here, we made our way to Thermopolis, WY where I got to lounge in the hot springs and Dad got to see the Dinosaurs! (See photos). Not really a lot to say about this small town…if I had it to do over, I’d probably pass it by.

Thermopolis Dinosaur Museum_0547

Next Stop: Cody WY

This was a fun stop. Dad & Dan explored some of the local attractions (Wild Bill Museum) while I strolled through the shops and galleries. There were some great photography galleries and I had a great conversation with one of the photographers. He clued me in to a website for anyone that does night photography. The Photographer’s Ephemeris. Check it out, it’s full of interesting information for the committed photographer – not those like me that just do it for fun!

The group camped next to us were friendly and one of the women has a son that’s looking to get into Travel Nursing! This isn’t the first time that I’ve wandered across someone in the field.

Just outside of Cody, we visited a really authentic looking Old Trail Town! (see photos).

The ‘Gun Fight’ that they do in the town center isn’t worth standing around for – unless maybe you have small children with you. It was poorly composed and acted and was more of a ‘commercial’ for the local businesses than entertainment.

Buffalo Bill Dam was a sight to behold. I think the hight may have made Dad’s toes tingle! The museum is worth a visit and the guy that shuttles from the parking lot to the visitors center was full of a wealth of local information.

Heart Mountain Relocation Center 

Address1539 Rd 19, Powell, WY 82435
Just outside of Cody WY, is this very informative Museum. Worth an hour stop if you’re in the area. It tells of the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII Wikipedia

Horseshoe Bend in Bighorn National Forest, WY

One night was spent at Horseshoe Bend Campground   with a drive and some excellent vantage points. Chatted with another tourist from Paris (France) that was in the area to do some marketing for a new product coming on the market….a battery powered airplane!!  Not just a play airplane, one to fit an actual human being!!  I don’t think I’m brave enough to fly is something that takes batteries to stay in the air!


Reed Point MT (An unexpected stop)

We’ve still been having very hot temperatures pretty consistently and with this comes some issues from Dad’s Falcon. When combining the elevation, pulling the trailer and the heat…it sometimes want’s to overheat. Due to this, we occasionally have to stop for a bit just to let it cool down.

reed point

This particular stop was perfectly enjoyable. A town of about 180 people, it appears a bit of a ghost town. It was full of interesting photo opportunities! I love rust and old and this town fulfilled my needs! In addition, it’s right along the Yellowstone River so Dad and I wandered to the riverside to soak our feet for a bit while waiting for the Falcon to cool down. The locals were quite engaging and full of questions about the entourage we call the #hipgyptrip.


Spring Creek Campground, Big Timber MT

This was another of my favorite spots! Secluded, quiet and riverside on the Boulder River. The campground facilities are top notch and the staff very friendly. Sites are a bit close but sit right up next to the river for a great view!

spring creek

While at Spring Creek, we took a day trip and visited Gallatin National Forest Natural Bridge falls and did a little light hiking. See Photos

Dad continuously looks out over the landscape and exclaims “This is beautiful” or ‘Do you see how pretty that is?”  This site was no exception.

Flathead Lake, Polson MT

Flathead lake is purported to be the “largest natural freshwater lake by surface area that is west of the Mississippi River..“. The photo’s I saw online were amazing…crystal clear water, calm surfaces and beautiful sunsets. This place didn’t disappoint. We stayed at the Finley Point Campground on the southeast side of the lake. The campground had super close spaces so you were very close to your neighbors. This might have been an issue on a different day with different neighbors but for us, it worked out great. We met some amazingly friendly campers here. The beach area right outside our doors gave a great view of the lake day or night.


I was mesmerized by the rocks/stones in the lake. The colors were so diverse and beautiful! A few might have made their way into my pocket…

“Cherry Jerry”

While staying at Flathead, we took a drive around the entire lake. This area is know for it’s Cherries! The climate is just right for growing and there were little shops all along the lakeside road. Our favorite, was meeting with ‘Cherry Jerry’, owner of Bowman Orchard and Winery. He has not only cherries, and huckleberries; but makes his own wine too! Dan grabbed a bottle or two of wine while I toured the orchard and picked up some fresh cherries and some huckleberry honey on my way out.

We spent over an hour here chatting, exploring and watching the sorting process. If you are in the area, stop by and say hello to ‘Cherry Jerry’ and tell him the #hipgypTrip (with a Falcon from Indiana) folks said hello!!  (See More Pictures here)

The Hip-Gyp Trip began on June 3, 2016 and who knows when and where it will end…  If you would like to see all of the photo’s from the trip, please visit Hip-Gyp Photo’s

You can follow our adventures via Facebook, Instagram, and my Blog Page via Facebook

To be continued….

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Great Platte River Road Archway

The Great Platte River Road Archway is easily seen from the I80. I, myself have passed under it more than a dozen times during my travels. However I never stopped. Why? I really don’t know. I have never been much for museums and I figured that this one would be just like all the rest…boring displays of this and that. WOW…was I wrong!!!

This place was so much fun!!  The exhibits are larger than life and interactive. What a fun place for a child (or child at heart) to explore.

We were greeted by “Crazy”, a volunteer dressed in period clothing from the old West and a personality to match! (See All Photos)

Nebraska Archway Museum I80_0020

After we chatted with Crazy for a few minutes, we got our tickets and headphones and acceded the escalator into the covered wagon to begin our frontier journey. I only wish that I could have gotten the camera working quicker to get the full experience of entering this fun place.

As soon as we topped the escalator, our headphones came alive with the sounds of the frontier and continued as we worked our way through the exhibits.

Start at Ft. Kearny in the 1840s where the Oregon Trail converged with the Mormon Trail and California Trail. Here, you’ll immerse yourself in the sights of the historic trails while listening to the stories of the early pioneers. Next, hear the rumble of the Iron Horse on the transcontinental railroad as it passes overhead. Watch a Pony Express rider make a quick stop to change horses as he races to deliver mail across the country. Listen in as the first transcontinental telegraph transmits the news of the breakout of the Civil War to the West Coast. Finally, traverse the historic Lincoln Highway, catch the newsreel at the drive-in theater and take a break to check on the traffic below in the roadside diner. 


My favorite part was playing cards with Dad as we waited for the Pony Express Rider to show up at the Station.


Give yourself about an hour to make the stop. There is a huge parking lot more than adequate to accommodate any size RV, a gift shop and small cafe.

The Hip-Gyp Trip began on June 3, 2016 and who knows when and where it will end…  If you would like to see all of the photo’s from the trip, please visit Hip-Gyp Photo’s

You can follow our adventures via Facebook, Instagram, and my Blog Page via Facebook

To be continued….

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Pioneer Village, Minden NE

While we were hanging out in Kearney NE, Dan mentioned that we were very close to this somewhat old but very interesting museum. Self-proclaimed ‘largest private collection of Americana anywhere’, the Harold Warp Pioneer Village in Minden, NE boasts of holding 50,000 irreplaceable items of historical value on it’s 20 acres of property.

It was a great little walk-through of American History. From the old Automobiles to the odd collections and even a very cool Original Gypsy Wagon!


Favorites included Dad & Dan playing checkers outside the Old Country Store and discussing the operations of the HUGE train on site.

We spent several hours wandering around and exploring this treasure trove of Americana. If you happen to be in the area, it’s worth a short side trip. See All Photos

The Hip-Gyp Trip began on June 3, 2016 and who knows when and where it will end…  If you would like to see all of the photo’s from the trip, please visit Hip-Gyp Photo’s

You can follow our adventures via Facebook, Instagram, and my Blog Page via Facebook

To be continued….

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A Meeting with Noah

Snake Creek, Missouri River South Dakota
June 13-14, 2016

See More Photos

Snake Creek was a beautiful spot with excellent facilities. Grounds are well maintained to the point that we couldn’t even find a twig to start a campfire with. Coming across the plains and coming up on the river the landscape changed dramatically from the occasional rolling hills to vast hills and the greenest of greens! We also had some of the most beautiful sunsets here.

Snake Creek_0400.JPG

We set up on the riverside and watched the sailboats and fishing boats on the river. My favorite part was skipping stones. There was a small beach just down from the camp site and the first nights walk I discovered tons of great ‘skipping stones’. I can’t tell you the last time I skipped rocks! I convinced Dan to join me on night #2 as we skipped stones and watched the great sunset…next morning we discovered a fatal mistake: Skipping Stones = sore right arm muscles! Guess that shows just how out of shape I am!!

Fort Kearny SRA, Kearny NE
June 15-19

See More Photos

The weather just won’t break! Temps have been in the high 90’s for the past 5-6 days which makes it difficult to want to do anything other than sit and try to stay cool.

Vine Island Campground lakes were originated as gravel pits. Had a great discussion with the local State Campground employee about some of the local history. There are a lot of local campers here, mostly visiting for the weekends fishing, kayaking and just enjoying the great outdoors with their families.

Dad’s Falcon found a competitive similar!

Fort Kearney_comet.JPG

We met up with our camp neighbor Noah and spend several evenings hanging out around the campfire enjoying telling stories and getting to know one another. I still can’t figure out what Noah found so intriguing about two Hippies but he even went so far as to come back on Monday (after he broke camp on Sunday) to hang out and chat some more.

Fort Kearney_0023.JPG

While we were in Kearney, we took a day-trip over to the Pioneer Village in Minden (Photos) and checked out the Archway Museum (Photos) on our way out of town.

The Hip-Gyp Trip began on June 3, 2016 and who knows when and where it will end…  If you would like to see all of the photo’s from the trip, please visit Hip-Gyp Photo’s

You can follow our adventures via Facebook, Instagram, and my Blog Page via Facebook

To be continued….

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Our Route: The #HipGypTrip

We’ll be updating this map along the way.

The Hip-Gyp Trip began on June 3, 2016 and who knows when and where it will end…  If you would like to see all of the photo’s from the trip, please visit Hip-Gyp Photo’s

You can follow our adventures via Facebook, Instagram, and my Blog Page via Facebook

To be continued….