Who am I?

About Candy:

So here is the spot that I tell you about me. Let’s keep it simple and just say that I’m a ‘small town girl from Indiana’ with big dreams a small wallet and tons of ambition.

A Travel Nurse

I worked from 2004 to 2016 as a Travel Nurse – living and working in 18 states and a year in Germany at Landstuhl Hospital.

An Entrepreneur

From 2012 – 2016, I founded and operated TheGypsyNurse.com  providing education and support to the Travel Nurse Industry. You can read more about my endeavors into entrepreneurship in Tales of an Entrepreneur.

I often share my learnings as an entrepreneur with others I meet along the way. I’m very interested in partnering with another start-up – so, If you have a business idea and are looking for a partner, get in touch.

Traveling the World!

I left the USA December 2016 the begin traveling Internationally. I occasionally visit family and friends in the states but my life is one of a Full-Time Nomad.

How Did I Get Here?

Here are some posts that might provide some insight into how I got to the point where I’m traveling full time.