Project Fi in Georgia (Country): Issues & Work-Arounds

Many long term travelers from the USA use Google Project Fi phone service. There are some great advantages to this service. With quick and intelligent shifting between partner networks in 200+ countries, Project Fi service offers seamless coverage when moving from country to country.

Except in the country of Georgia…

On arrival in Tbilisi Georgia in May 2019, my Google Project Fi Coverage connected to the local networks immediately. For all of May and June, I had excellent coverage and like all of the other places I’ve traveled…I didn’t even have to think about it. I was just covered.

Then in July, I began to have connectivity issues. I immediately contacted Google Fi Support and began to troubleshoot the issues.

Project Fi Connectivity Issues

There are many Fi users in Georgia that are having issues connecting to a LTE / 4G Network (this is the automatic connection setting in *most Fi phones).

The following is from Project Fi Support:

Our coverage with our partner is up to 4G, so it can vary between no data, 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE. While we are partnered with these networks, we are unable to guarantee local coverage where you are as they are not our towers. If other users are having similar issues connecting, their best bet is to contact into support to report it and leave feedback logs here:

To send us logs: 

  1. In the Google Fi app, scroll down and tap “Send feedback”
  2. When asked to turn on network diagnostics, tap “Turn on”
  3. In the Feedback, describe what happened.
  4. Include the hashtag #fisupport
  5. Make sure the box is checked next to “Include screenshots and system logs”
  6. From the top right corner, touch the arrow to send. 

The Solution

According to Project Fi Support, here are the steps to take to resolve connectivity issues with Project Fi in Georgia

  1. To switch to T-Mobile:

    Open the Phone App, and dial *#*#FITMO#*#* (same as *#*#34866#*#*) 

  2. Turn on Data Roaming:

    Settings > Wireless & Networks > Cellular Networks > Data Roaming to ON.
    It will give you a warning about charges, but that is standard with the phone, Google Fi doesn’t charge for roaming! 

  3. Manually choose a network

    On your phone, go to your Phone App.
    Dial  *#*#FIROAM#*#* (same as *#*#347626#*#*) as if you were making a call. This will pull up the networks available in your area.


    For Android 7.0: Open phone Settings > More > Cellular Networks > Network Operators > Search networks/turn off Automatic
    For Android 8.0+: Open phone Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile Network > Network Operators > Search networks/turn off Automatic. 

    Manually select the network provider you believe to have coverage 
    Please try each network that appears one at a time and test to see if it is working. 

  4. Switch between LTE, 3G, & 2G

    If all are unsuccessful, please try switching your preferred network to 3G.

    Phone settings > Under wireless and networks, select MORE > Mobile network > Advanced > Switch your preferred network type 
    Select a network type

  5. Manually Choose a Network (Listed Above)

    Go through steps to manually choose a network (Listed above) 
    Continue through network types and network operators until one works.

  6. Switch Airplane Mode on then off

    (This is not a recommended step from support – but I’ve found that it seems to help connectivity).

I’ve had mixed results with the instructions above. My Project Fi service is currently working on 3G manual setting using the Beeline Network, however it’s still occasionally unable to connect at all.

Be aware that if you switch over to Wi-Fi and back to Fi – you will most likely have to go through these steps again. My phone automatically switches over to WiFi then reverts all Data settings back to automatic LTE/4G settings.

This is the first country (of about 20) that I’ve had connectivity issues. I truly LOVE Project Fi and would still recommend it for long-term travelers.

Project Fi

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