A Travel Nurse in Germany

I posted a years worth of blogs before and during my year-long adventure of working in Germany for the DOD.  I am desperately attempting to move all of my blogs over to this site for ease of reading/researching/etc.  For now (until I find a better alternative), I am going to link the posts here on this page.  The links will take you to another site.

Part I: 

This includes all of my Pre-Germany planning and prep as well as an EPIC Road Trip that I took through the US prior to my departure. 

How Did I get Here?

Next steps….after the job offer

Monday Update

The Mystery of the ‘Red’ Passport

Pre-Germany Road Trip

Indiana to Denver

Germany Update


Road Trip Continues

HalfWay Oregon

Hell’s Canyon then onto Oregon

I hate it When I get Behind!

A Hitchhikers Tale

Busy in San Fran

Car Candy and Airplane Aaron ? WTF?



Ida is Meeting me in NOLA

All about the Food (in NOLA)


Evaded Ida!

An Update on Germany


A Brief and Hectic visit Home

Stats on the Pre-Germany Road Trip

Part II: 

 This part includes my trials  with the Job, the joys along the way and the multiple mini-trips I took along the way.

Only 5 Days

Officially on My Way

Better Late than Never

This weeks update and Day Trip to Trier

My Car (That I can’t drive yet)

Belgium….Part I

Brugge Part II

Quilts of Valor

The Nitty Gritty on the Job

“Severe Winter In Germany”

My German Home

 A Man’s (or woman’s) Best Friend Arrives

 Lots of Living and working and not enough PLAYING

Pulling out of a mindset of Sludge in Prague

The Land of Fjords ~ Norway

Day One Oslo Pictures

You must rejoice in life….

Oslo After-thoughts

Tri-City Poland

Last Minute Weekend Trip to Cologne


Nursing at LRMC

Euro Summer 2010

An American In London….

Bittersweet End to Part I Europe 2010

2 Days; 2 Countries

The Luck of the Irish

It’s been a Whirlwind!


The next chapter…