The Hidden Danger of Candied Pecans

Yep…candied pecans!

Made fresh on the street in a boiling pot of oil, sweet, hot and so very innocent looking. Very yummy and you know my love for sweets!

Beware….as wonderful as they are, I will never eat them again.

I picked up a small bag of these delectable yet dangerous goodies in Progresso, Mexico today and saved them for an evening snack. Upon crunching on my first bite….yes, my FIRST bite…I chipped a tooth!! Guess I need to go back to Mexico and see the dentist next time. Bad thing is that I have to work the next three days. For now the tooth doesnt hurt, it just feels really wierdwith it’s sharp edges. So, no more candied pecans for me! Guess I should have passed them up this time as the waistline doesn’t need them anyway! Maybe someone is trying to tell me something? Ha Ha

Theresa, Ed, Paul and I went back to Progresso today and had a great time. We stopped in a little cafe and had breakfast while listening to a Mariachi band, then we wandered the streets and attempted to jew the vendors down. I picked up some noise makers for Trinity “almost free”! She will love them but I’m sure that her Dad will want to kill me for sending them! After shopping all morning we landed a Poncho’s for beer and margarita’s. Live music today included some really BAD country singer!! We were more than happy when the Mariachi band wandered into the bar and gave a slight reprive from the bad karoke type country music!

After a couple of drinks, we wandered down the street for some fresh taquito’s from one of the street stands. I’ll save the details but after only one bite, Therea decided that maybe she had one too many margarita’s!! Final stops included the pharmacy and liquor store as everyone knows that no trip to Mexico is complete without alcohol and drugs….the legal ones!