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I Love My Neighborhood (Actually, I’m trying): Northern Indiana, USA


If you have been following the blog, you will see that I wrote a post a while back about San Cristobal and how I fell in love with it. In keeping with my theme of re-discovering life; I am making an effort to enjoy everywhere that I go. I promised my readers a few weeks back that I was working on a blog about my current neighborhood: Northern Indiana. I am….I promise….really! It’s just so difficult.

With that in mind….

The photo above was taken at the Mid-America Windmill Museum.  I spent an hour or so the other night wandering around this outdoor windmill museum and reflecting on what I love about my hometown.  I think it has inspired me….I’m still working.  Stay Tuned ;o)

Author: Gypsy Nurse, RN

Travel Nurse and entrepreneur re-discovering life every day!

2 thoughts on “I Love My Neighborhood (Actually, I’m trying): Northern Indiana, USA

  1. I was researching travel nursing today when I found your site. I immediately recognized the windmill photo (I live in Steuben County). Just wanted to let you know I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures.


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