Where is My Good Karma?

Riley Creek Campground, Near Sandpoint ID
August 7-10, 2016

I just can’t seem to keep up with all of our travels on the #hipGypTrip. Between constant moving, poor internet connectivity, trying to spend time exploring and visiting…I just don’t seem to ever actually get to writing about it all!

I’m going to post several updates, and will back-date them in an effort to get them posted in an appropriate time-line.

The last you heard from the #HipGypTrip, we had just traveled through Montana. The next stop was at {Riley Creek Campground near Sandpoint IA}. From here, we visited Manresa Grotto on a fluke. We were looking for the Dam and ran into a man looking for some directions to this place that we hadn’t even heard of…


Come to find out, this natural cave was originally used by the Native Americans in the area for ceremonies. The local Native American’s still use the site on some occasions still today. The entire area is full of Native American culture. We seem to have the best of luck in ‘just missing’ some great events and activities and this location didn’t disappoint us on this aspect…we just missed a Native American Drum Circle that would have been awesome to have seen….maybe next time!

If anyone has some good Karma that you could send our way so we’ll stop missing stuff by just days…please send it, we could certainly use it!

The Hip-Gyp Trip began on June 3, 2016 and who knows when and where it will end… If you would like to see all of the photo’s from the trip, please visit Hip-Gyp Photo’s.

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To be continued….