Something Profound….

Right now  feel like everyone is expecting something profound from me.  Some innate description on my upcoming trip.  Something that exudes excitement, mystique, and enjoyment.

As the South American trip looms even closer (only 2 days and I’ll be back in Chicago for my departure), everyone around me keeps asking if I’m excited.   Am I?  You ask.  Yes and No…  Of course I am excited.  I am going to be off work for three months traveling in unfamiliar territory, learning a new language, eating new food, engaging in new experiences. Of course it’s exciting.

The odd part is that I was actually more excited about the actual booking of my ticket!!  I’m feeling kind-of numb at this point.  Maybe the calm before the storm… I’ve stressed over the details, contemplated contingency plans, lined out my ‘must see/must do’ items, and now I’m just waiting.

So, no profound words , no innate descriptions….just me, waiting.