Packing Evolution

When I left on my first overseas adventure in Vietnam.  I searched long and hard for the right backpack.  I ended up with The REI brand Grand Tour 65 liter with detachable daypack.  Very similar to what you see here.

Here is my pack with two large packing cubes, two half cubes, daypack, shoes, sleeping bag, and detached daypack.  In addition, I took along a messenger bag for my electronics!!  Whew!!  This thing weighed about 35lbs and was a bear!!Prior to leaving for Italy, I decided to take the same pack, and downsized what I put inside; decreasing it to around 25lbs.  During my time in Germany with many short weekend trips; I downsized even more moving to a much smaller 48 Liter pack from Ospry.  This pack worked out great except I hated the top loading feature.  Soon I downsized yet again with the Ospry 38 (still a top-loader).What am I traveling with now?  I have been using the Ospry 32for several months for short trips and am planning to attempt it (along with a 19liter daypack) for my South America trip.My 65+ liter pack was used for Vietnam for 7 weeks.  Vietnam is pretty much all tropical and I only needed one season of clothing as well as the Italy trip (which was in the summertime).  The upcoming trip in South America is going to be varied in climate and I am not only going to South America, but also Mexico and Central America.  So….I have cut in half the amount of packing space and am going to be packing for temperatures anywhere from near zero in the Andes to 70+ in Mexico and Central America.Packing lists seem to be something that everyone asks about so here is what I have so far:

1 Yoga pant

1 Jean (everyone says not to pack them but I love my jeans)

1 Black pant

1 Capri

1 Short

2 Long-sleeve shirts

4 tanks

1 sweater

2 pair tights/to wear in colder weather

4 underwear

2 bras

4 Pair Socks

Bathing Suit

The above will fit into one  half cube,  one Tube Cube, and one Pack It Folder

In addition to the above, I have two Quarter cubes.  One with First Aid and one with Toiletries.

I have an additional half cube that I am using for my Bath Kit which includes my quarter cube with Toiletries, my travel towel and a clothesline.

I’ll be wearing a zip fleece jacket and Rain Coat from REI which so far seems to be warm enough.  A Buff for a scarf or hat, two pair shoes and I’m ready to go!!  At least I hope I am!!

I’ll go into electronics a bit later when I actually get it all figured out.  I’ll also try to get some photos posted once I have finalized all the packing.

So, what am I forgetting?