Meraki – A Remote Experience




To do something with Soul, Creativity, or Love; To put something of yourself into your work….

This is going to be the motto that I’ll live by in 2017. Wait…it’s only September 2016, you might wonder why am I setting a motto for 2017 already?

I’m going on a year-long adventure in 2017!!

It’s finally confirmed! I’m going to be traveling with Remote Year for all of 2017.

When I decided to pursue this opportunity, it was mainly an effort to force myself back into international travel without the hassle of organizing and arranging everything myself. When I actually got a spot confirmed, I started to think about what I was going to do. Since the incorporation of private investors with The Gyspy Nurse, I’ve got a lot more time on my hands…but, if you know me; you know that I’m certainly not one to sit idle with nothing to focus on! So….what am I going to do with my Remote Year?

Being a nurse and having been highly involved in the support of the travel nurse community has been exciting, fun and quite the challenge. I am hoping to bring a bit of information on the best and the worst of the state of healthcare to the community. I’ll be pursuing information on the day-to-day life of nurses, the hospital environments, local healthcare volunteer organizations and pursuits, differences in treatments and processes and any other topics that happen to peek my interest or I can get an inside look.

I knew going into remote year that a lot of fellow travel nurses and healthcare workers, might find this an interesting endeavor so I’ve decided to ask YOU!

What I should do?

Are there questions you have about the countries that I’ll be visiting?

Do you want to know what the local health related superstitions are?

Want to know how local treatments vary from ours here in the US?

Interested in finding out about local healthcare volunteer organizations or opportunities?

So while I may not be actively working as a nurse over the next year, I’ll be immersing myself into the healthcare systems across three continents!

Are you interested in joining me? You can apply directly with Remote Year!!