Echo….Elbow…. No! It’s Elko Nevada

A room with a view…


Sunsets were on FIRE!!

Hope you enjoy….

How did I get here…

The effects of a poor economy and over-saturated market.

05.12.2008 – 11.12.2008  
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So I am here in the small, remote town of Elko, Nevada. Why Elko? As much as I try to plan and prepare in order to not be un-employed, my planning wasn’t good enough this time. The contract that was arranged prior to my vacation ended up being canceled due to budget reasons. Hospitals are canceling contracts all over the US and the availability of jobs is slim right now. 

Trying to make lemon-aide out of lemons (so to speak), I took the first job offered that was within my required income. Elko, Nevada! 

I have been here for about a week and a half now and I am certain that I am going to be counting the days until my contract ends. It really isn’t horrible here. If you like quiet, remote small towns; this might be the place for you. I, however prefer larger cities and more hustle.

Work is good. It’s very low acuity and the staff is very nice. I am holed up right now in a small, barren hotel room. Dont get me wrong, it’s clean and I have met several people here that are fun to hang out with but it’s not a comfortable place to spend the next three months of my life. So, I am moving to another hotel (hopefully this weekend).

What is there to do…

On a day off of work?

11.12.2008 -17 °C

THat’s a great question. THere really isn’t much to do here in Elko, unless you like to go gaming at the local Casino’s. Which I don’t! I prefer to keep my money rather than take a chance that I will lose it by pushing a button. 


I decided to take a gander to the local mountain range. The Ruby Mountains. I was told that Lamoille Canyon (about 30 min outside of town) is a beautiful place to see and do some easy hiking. On a spur of the moment thought I gathered Aco into the truck and headed up to the Canyon. The drive is actually very pretty. The canyon road is a dead end with a turn-around at somewhere around 10K feet.


I drove about 1/2 to 2/3’s up the canyon road taking in the scenery and stopping along the way for a few pictures. There was just a dusting of snow at the base of the canyon road and the further up I went, the more snow there was. I only ever saw one other car during the entire drive up/down the canyon road.  

As I am driving up the winding uphill road, I begin thinking to myself. “I dont have my snow-boots” The snow is getting a little deeper. “I didn’t wear my warm jacket, or bring gloves” Aco and I get out and she plays in the 2-3″ of snow cover on the ground while I take in the view and snap some photos. On we go, “I’ve gone pretty far up and the road is all down-hill going back. What happens if my brakes fail?”. Continuing upward… “What if I get stranded, I’ll freeze to death” Continue driving… “Hmmm, what’s in the truck to eat…..nothing” Onward…. “Maybe I should turn back now” Upward…. “That’s a long way down if my truck goes of the road” Continuing… “ok, I’m going down…but where can I stop” Continue driving. “Damn, I should have turned around at that last pull-out” Palms sweating… “Whew!! A place to turn around!!”

So, I am feeling pretty silly about now as there is only about 4″ of snow on the ground but I am really nervous about continuing. I really wanted to see the top of the canyon road. According the the reports of those at work, this might be my last chance as the road is closed for most of the winter due to unsafe conditions. 

I start my decline and riding my brakes the entire way finally make it to the bottom! As I breathe a sigh of relief (my good ole Explorer didn’t let me down), I am thinking about food!!

I head the 2-3 miles into the town of Lamoille and stop at a place recommended to me by one of the gals at work. O’Carroll’s Bar, for a greasy cheeseburger. There are three people in the bar including the bartender. The old guy at the bar is funny as he talks and recounts some life stories..