Cactus, sand, and sun

I’ve been four days on the road now and for the majority of the trip all I’ve seen is cactus and sand!! The sun is always shining and the heat is almost unbearable. Anyone who ever said that a “dry heat” is easier to bear than a “humid heat” has lost their mind or not ever experienced a “dry heat”. Driving through the desert is an experience of it’s own. There were places that I drove through that I could never imagine surviving without a vehicle. Leaving Southern Texas all the way through New Mexico and then through Arizona, I expected somewhat of a change in the landscape. I guess I’m not real sure what I expected, but this was perhaps the most desolate drive that I have ever taken. There were some highlights….While driving through Arizona I suddenly encountered an area called “Texas Canyon” (i think). This area suddenly looked like a giants playground. Large rounded boulders…no HUGE rounded boulders stacked and placed like a huge giant had been playing with them, perched along the road and on the hills. It was an amazing site…as I drove through them I had to wonder how they stayed in place. Several of them looked like a small wind would knock them off their perch and onto my vehicle!! I still never saw any armidillo. I did however get to see lots and lots of Lizards and Cactus!! The cactus are blooming and are very pretty in their own way. Bright flowers of yellow, red, and orange. The Saguaro cactus are huge and some look like a human standing with arms outstretched. The people that I encountered along the way were all very friendly.


Along Highway 10 near Tuscan, AZ is a small railroad ghost town that I stopped and took some pictures of. I found it interesting that the hotel (not much left except a few bricks) was in place and operational in the 50’s. Which in essence means that my grandparents could have actually stayed there.


As I encountered people living in the small towns along the way, I found myself wondering if this is the only life that these people will ever know. Small town living, everyone knows everyone, will they ever leave and experience anything other than the desert? Will they ever step foot in a city…..what would they think of the hussle of city life? Could they live on a lake and enjoy fishing and swimming? Or maybe in the mountains, where there is snow the entire year long? I guess I’ll never know. I am so very thankful that I am able to experience these things and more.


I am currently in Yuma, AZ. Today, I will check into my apartment in San Diego. I am nervous and excited at the same time. Looking forward to another adventure and never forgetting the people that I have encountered along the way…..