Argentina Highlights

Argentina with remote year

Two months in Argentina with Remote Year was full of ups and downs. I likely wouldn’t have stayed in the area for a full two months if it hadn’t been for the group of amazing people that I’m traveling with.

Why? It’s COLD! Not ‘Chicago in the wintertime’ cold, but I really hate cold weather and fall in Argentina just isn’t my preference. I’m better with warm beaches, steamy jungles, and spring-like days sitting in an outdoor cafe!

So what did I do and enjoy for two full months in Argentina?

Buenos Aires

Meeting up with old friends!!  This was one of the highlights of my time in Buenos Aires. I met Juan and Gri in Bolivia several years ago and we traveled together for a week or so, enjoying (not so much) the harrowing experience of the Worlds NEW Most Dangerous Road together. Nothing like a near-death experience to make you friends for life! We enjoyed a local bar with live music, exploring the small towns and train depots, and a night of fun pole dancing classes (for the girls). A huge thank-you to both Juan and Gri for their amazing Argentinian hospitality!! Hopefully I can return the love someday.

Visiting Colonia was a great time. Especially since I got to explore via golf cart with this adventurous group!

Argentina with remote year

We even managed to sneak into the off-limits¬†Plaza de Toros bullfighting coliseum which originally opened in 1910! Leave it to me to find a way to sneak under the fencing! BTW…the acoustics here are amazing! We met a man that comes out here to play guitar some nights…wish we had been staying the night so we could’ve requested a private concert! Maybe next time…


Cordoba Argentina

Cordoba was relaxing and slow. Not a lot of touristy things going on which was a nice change after a busy month in Peru. I do have to say that this city had some of my favorite track/other events of any city we’ve visited on Remote Year.

From bonfires and Asado at a group campout, hanging out with monkeys at a local sanctuary and making empanada’s with a local family and last but not least learning about social photography and some of the local social issues and randomly finding out that there was a protest that same evening on the topic we were discussing!

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I can’t say that I would go back to Argentina – at least not the same areas that we visited, but there is always something good in everyplace you visit.

Thank you Argentina!!