Beginning 2014 in London


With all my travels in 2013, I’m ready to start 2014 out with an exciting European Trip with a  great friend.  We’ll be meeting up in London, then visiting Marrakech and Barcelona together.

I’m only traveling for a short 2 weeks this trip but my friend Cheryl will be continuing on for another 2 weeks to Munich, Rome and Athens. You can read Cheryl’s blog here: Travels and Adventures.

Being a true Gypsy, I’ve done exactly ZERO research on the places that I’ll be visiting.  It’s certainly going to be an adventure for me.  I usually know all the proper train/bus/transit options but this time I’m flying by the seat of my pants. I just realized today that I didn’t print my boarding passes for my RyanAir flights that I’ll be taking…this oversight would have cost a whooping 70Euro if I hadn’t remembered!    Thanks to the kind workers here at the Palmers Lodge, boarding passes are now printed and pocketbook crises averted!

I’ve arrived in London!

I’ve been in London for nearly 24 hours now and I’ve done exactly NO exploring….WTH?  Part of the reason is that I was in transit for nearly 2 full days to get here and was exhausted on arrival.  Now with only a short time until my friend Cheryl arrives, I thought I’d spend the morning catching up on emails and updating the blog.  I’ve also been to London before….I know that this is going to sound arrogant but there really isn’t anything here that I feel like I HAVE to see or do.  I’m excited to explore with the fresh eyes of my friend Cheryl….it’s always a joy to see someone’s excitement with their first time travels.  I’m honored that I get to share this with Cheryl.

London eye

I’m excited for Cheryl to arrive as tomorrow, I fly out to Marrakech.  As a side note:  When I booked my flights, I somehow managed to mess them all up and Cheryl and I only have today together in London.  I’ll arrive in Marrakech 2 days before her and hopefully get the scoop and be ready to show her around Marrakech when she arrives.

Over the years, I have used several different blogging platforms for my blogs.  I’m now exclusively on this one.  As I was writing this, I was going to link to the old blog post from my previous London Trip…only to realize, I never wrote one!!  So, In lieu of an old post…check out these old photos of some iconic places around London from 2010!  More (new) photo’s soon!  I promise to write a post on London this trip…