A Descriptive Essay: By Corey Treft

The pungent stench of burnt popcorn permeates the narrow hallway of my
apartment building. Lime green wallpaper, like the product of a child with too
many crayons and too much free time, coats the walls. The click of the lock on
my door indicates that the room is accessible and I push it open slowly, the
sappy music of a soap opera filling my ears. The room is void, the hollow shell
of a place unused, and I step forward, clicking off the television and closing
my blinds, shutting out the radiant light beaming in.

Silence. My world is silent and dark. I can see dimly by the light of the microwave, but this is how I like it. I toss my backpack into the corner, the dull thud it makes is the only signification that it landed where I wanted. I dip my hand into a small
bowl on the table near the television, the rustle of the wrappers of the
Creamsaver like the faint rustle of leaves before a thunderstorm. I unwrap it
and pop it into my mouth, the “twisted berry” flavor sweet on my tongue.

I move over to my couch, flopping down on it like a lifeless doll,
stretching out a bit to relieve the growing pain in my back. I close my eyes,
savoring the flavor of the CreamSaver for a moment more before reaching over to
retieve the remote from the table. My time of silence ends abruptly as I flip
the television back on and flip through the channels. Suddenly, Superman flies
through a window and lands gallantly, flip, a wizened woman is teaching me how
to roast a chicken, flip, Bugs Bunny is fooling Elmer Fudd. My eyelids sloyly

Darkness. I am drifting in a sacred world of darkness, little
colorspots dancing across my vision. My chest rises and falls slowly. I hear a
faint “whats up doc” and then nothing.

I enjoyed reading this essay that Corey wrote and thought the rest of you might get some enjoyment out of it also….