Without Wi-Fi

without wifi

Over the past four years, I’ve spent nearly every waking moment of every day ‘connected’. The Gypsy Nurse took a ton of my time, energy and attention. Now that I have some help…I’ve been able to disconnect a bit.

No-WifiI knew that I would have a lot less internet access traveling on the ‘Hip-Gyp Trip’ but what I didn’t realize is that I would go days on end without any service all-together! No wi-fi and no cell phone service! This has been a huge challenge for me…one that has spent most of every day for the past 4 years online.

Sprint service has been almost non-existent and my wi-fi via Verizon (the backup) has been hit or miss. Finding wi-fi while staying at National and State Parks leaves a bit to be desired, and thus a bit delayed in my reporting of the Hip-Gyp Trip!

So…where have we been and what have we been up too?

We left Indiana on June 3, 2016. Rolling out of town with smiles and excitement for the road ahead. With vehicles all from the 60’s we are traveling very slowly, covering only 150 – 200 miles at a stretch. We’ve nothing but time and the open road.

The Hip-Gyp Trip began on June 3, 2016 and who knows when and where it will end…  If you would like to see all of the photo’s from the trip, please visit Hip-Gyp Photo’s

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To be continued….