Travels with Trinity: Indonesia

Trinity and I have been traveling together now for nearly 3 months. We started in Thailand, then onto Cambodia and then Indonesia where we spent a month and a half. I’m not honestly sure why we stayed here as long as we did. It’s beautiful, but it was rainy season and we spent a LOT of time indoors at our apartment. We also battled with everything we own being covered in MOLD…which was NOT fun. However, we visited some amazing places and had a great time in-between the rainy days.

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Some highlights of BALI include:

Taman Festival
This is an old abandoned theme park and the graffiti was covering the place. We had a great time exploring and photographing (partly in the rain) all the while dodging bullets from the team of Paint-ballers that were also occupying the space during our visit. You can see all the photos here.

Ghost Palace
By far this was my favorite abandoned place to date! The views were amazing! The photo ops were off the charts and some of my favorite photos are from here. Check them all out here.

Our trip to find this place wasn’t without trials! We headed out on scooters for the hour plus ride and ended up in the hills with a torrential downpour. There were times when I wasn’t sure we were on a road or driving up a river! Scary and fun all at the same time. We didn’t get any photo’s of the scooter trip…but trust me, it was a bit harrowing!! We arrived drenched and frozen…but the sun-gods were in our favor and the sun eventually came out and we enjoyed exploring the ruined hotel.

This is a sanctioned place in Canggu where graffiti artists can come and paint the walls. They hold an annual event and artists from all over come out and paint. We were very fortunate to visit when we did, apparently there was some issues with the ‘locals’ and the day after we visited, someone ruined most of the artwork. Check out all the photo’s here.

I nearly Killed my Daughter…

Another scooter trip took us toward the black sand beaches of Lovina Beach. There are lots of hills in Bali…we were in the home stretch on our way downhill toward Lovina Beach with hairpin turns and steep declines. Trinity and I were both concerned about the brakes on the scooters as we had been going downhill for a while. Suddenly, Trinity pulled off and told me that her brakes were out completely. Me, not really believing her reached over and tried to pull the brake and instead turned the accelerator!! Next thing we know…Trinity and her scooter are in the ditch! Happy to say that I didn’t kill her by sending her downhill without brakes and instead only sent her into the ditch. After letting the brakes rest for a few minutes, we were able to continue on.

Kubualam Coffee (and other random Coffee Stops)

Both of our scooter trips resulted in finding small local coffee shops. Both with great views! I really wish I could share the exact locations….

Overall, Bali was an amazing time. We had a wonderful house with a pool overlooking the rice fields and rented scooters for the entire month.