Travels with Trinity: Cambodia

Trying to catch up here and I know that I’m leaving out some seriously important stuff!! Once I catch up, maybe I can keep up on things so I can post a bit more present tense than past. It’s always been important for me to be able to look back at my blogs to see how I was feeling at the time of the experiences…more so than posting for anyone else, I guess it’s kinda like a personal memoir for me.

That being said…. Here are some highlights from Cambodia!!

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Killing Fields and Angko Wat
If you travel to Cambodia, I think it should be required to visit both of these sites. Both somber and Exhausting these two sites tell so much about the Cambodian people and their culture.

On arrival at Ankor Wat, we were greeted by monkeys!! They were nice and cut until several of the small ones decided to climb Trinity’s leg and one of them actually bit her!! Don’t worry, they didn’t break the skin. She remains rabies free!

The monks were such a beautiful sight all over. Their colorful robes and calm demeanor was always pleasant to witness. When I went to receive my blessing at Angkor Wat, the Monk first had to know about my multitude of bracelets. He listened intently as I explained the importance of each before bestowing the red cloth bracelet that he blessed for me.

YEs…I know, I’m not generally a ‘child’ type person but the children here captured my heart. They were full of joy and wonder. I sat down to watch a group of them make ‘BBs’ for a slingshot out of the red mud. As I started helping them, they couldn’t stop laughing at me. I learned from my driver that they were laughing because I was doing it ‘wrong’. Actually I was just holding my hands in a way very different than them and they were amused.

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