The 3-Day Alcoholic Challenge

“Do you think I can become an Alcoholic in 3 days?”

This was Teresa’s comment while sitting on the beach enjoying our first drinks in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. While looking over the ocean and enjoying one of the best Pina Colada’s I’ve ever had; we contemplated this question. It seemed that it could be an easily attainable goal.

On day #2 in Puerto Lopez….we decided that 3 days was just not enough time so we extended our stay for two additional days. In total, we spent 5 days enjoying lounging in hammocks, drinking fruity concoctions and enjoying the ocean breeze. I have to admit, it wasn’t enough time.

We did spend one day and did the touristy thing and hit the Isla de la Plata; nicknamed the Poor Man’s Galapagos. Realizing that we are not in the high season, I didn’t expect to see all the wild-life that you might find during high-season. First and foremost, I knew that we were not going to see the whales. Early in the fall the whales migrate through the waters here and it looks like a sight to behold from the pictures.

I am trying to figure out if I am just lazy and old or if things really are a bit messed-up….our tour didn’t leave until around 10am. It takes about an hour to reach the island via boat.

The boat ride was wonderful….a great sea breeze blowing and we encountered a group of bottle nosed dolphins. The dolphins swam with the boat for a while and put on quite a show for us. I was enjoying watching them too much to try to take any photo’s. They are too quick anyway.

We arrived at the island around 11am and proceeded to hike up something like 120 steps then another 30-45 minutes out to a pennisula on the island. I was a melted ball of sweat! It was near 90 degrees with at least 80-90% humidity and we were in full sun for most of the hike. Another 30-45 mins back then down the 120 some steps and I was grateful to see the boat waiting for us. We were able to see some of the blue-footed boobies along the cliffs and a mother and baby nesting.

Unfortunately, there were no other animals around….do you blame them? Hiking in the heat of the day was not the smartest choice in my book. We had a packed lunch on the boat and pulled into a small cove where we were supposed to be able to go snorkling. The water, however wasn’t clear enough to see anything so several of us just jumped in to float around and cool off; then back to the mainland.

I truly enjoyed the boat ride but have to admit that I am not much of a hiker and considering that we really didnt get to see much in the line of wildlife; it could have been skipped. Hiking in mid-afternoon in coastal Ecuador just isn’t for me.

I think going back to the original plan of becoming an alcoholic sounds much more enjoyable…..

“Pina Colada por favor!!”