Slumber Party at the Airport…

It’s now 1:24am and I am sitting at Dulles airport. “why?” you may ask. My flight from Dulles to Indianapolis was cancelled. Upon arriving at Dulles, my flight was delayed, and delayed…then we were waiting for the Captain to arrive from Cleveland, OH (yeah ok…there was no flight coming in from Cleveland). So the Captain finally arrives and we board the plane….after sitting on the plane for aproximately 25 minutes and finally getting comfortable for the flight to Indy…the Captain comes over the intercom and announces that our flight has been cancelled!! Off we go…well at least off the plane. ok, now it’s 1:31am (i’ve effectively wasted 6 minutes of my life). My dad was on his way to Indy to pick me up at the airport and now he is stuck in the horrible weather in Indy…and probably cursing me as we speak!!


Ok…just so you know, I stopped the above and am just now finishing it….


Well, I finally made it to Indy and Dad and Mary arrived safe yet tired at the airport to pick me up. We had a safe trip to Kendallville. Picked up Trinity and had a wonderful Christmas with her. We got to go to Carlos O’Kelley’s (my favorite) and to Build-A-Bear where Trinity made a “Skate Boarding Monkey” named Bam Bam! Lots of fun. I ate way too much chocolate…and food!! I got to see all the family but didn’t have time to see my friend Kim. I am sooo sorry Kim…things just got so busy and having lost a day made it worse!! I will try to meet up with Kim at the end of January when I am back home for a couple of days…


The trip back was uneventful. At least in comparrison to the trip there… Only problem, other than my flight being delayed was finding my luggage in the mass confussion at Logan airport!!


Back in Mass now and things have been hectic…several new patients to see, lots of admissions, and total confussion on the part of the company that I’m working for…no big surprise!! I am beginning to feel the “crunch” to commit to my next assignment but at the same time am waiting for the “perfect” job… I am going to give it two weeks and them I am determined to commit to something so I can begin the planning for the move. January 17th is my deadline.


I was unable to meet with my attorney due to the flight cancellation so I am going to set up a phone conference with him to go over the details of what I am requesting. Hold on….ok…I’m back. Had to add that to my calender so I wont forget to call him!! Yes…I have issues!!


Oh, yeah!! I went broke over Christmas….didn’t we all?? I found a new household member!! Corey and I have been looking for a dog to add to the family. While we were in Ft Wayne, shopping, Trin and I went to the pet store and fell in love with the cuttiest little Jack Russell Terrier….bought her…and brought her back to Mass with me!! She is 10 weeks old and the cutiest thing you have ever seen…. She is a wonderful traveler (slept through both flights to Mass), she is learning to potty on paper, and she already knows what “no” means!! She is wonderful so far except that she likes to chew on anything that is paper….maps…magazines….paper towels…tolite paper….and of course my work papers!! Gotta fix that before it becomes a BIG problem!!


So, enough for today I guess??