San Diego here we come….

I haven’t signed the contract yet but everything is pretty well set. I am going to San Diego for my next assignment. We arent’ going to be on the beach like I had hoped but it looks like we’ll have a nice apartment anyway. I have been doing some research on the San Diego area and there is so much to see and do…I dont know if 13 weeks will be enough time or not? Trinity is going to spend 6 weeks with me this summer and she is looking forward to being in California.


Hopefully the social life will improve in SD? Things have been really quiet here on the social front. Could it be that I am at the end of the world? No, I know I’m not, but some days it sure feels that way!


I have started my “to do” list and it sure seems like I have a bunch of sh*t to do. But I guess it always works out. I just hope I can fit all my junk into the truck! It’s funny how easy it is to accumulate stuff….nothing that really matters….just stuff.


Gone for now….I’ll keep you posted! (((((((hugs to everyone))))))))))