Road Trip…the course is mapped

I am excited about San Diego. Corey’s airline ticket is purchased and he is flying to Louisville to visit with friends for a couple of weeks so that I can settle in at San Diego. I have checked the map and my course is set…well as set as it can be, seeing that it IS a roadtrip!! Looks like I will have 2-3 extra days for the road trip in case I meet someone interesting or see something I want to check out along the way. The truck is in good shape, except that I still have to get the fuse checked for my breaklights!! My packing has started and I am ready to get the hell out of here! I have 7 more shifts left and I cant tell you how difficult it is going to work each and every night. But…think about that road trip and a new and exciting experience in a new city!! I cant wait!


The weather here has been high 90’s with 100% humidity and is mostly miserable unless you are in the pool, which is where I spent part of the day yesterday. Well, after I got my hair cut and now look like a dike!! Nothing like a bad haircut to make you feel good…ugggghhhhh!!! I guess it will grow back, right??


Ed, Theresa, Corey and I are headed to San Antonio today to see the Alamo and walk the riverwalk….I think it is going to be a lot of fun! I will post soon and let you know how the trip is. All the pups are going with us, so it could prove to be an interesting trip!