Peru Expenses

I’ve been keeping a log of our expenses for anyone interested.  Traveling isn’t really as expensive as many think.  Take a look at the numbers below for proof.  The point that I like to make is that if you travel slower (we have moved every 2-4 days); the cost’s can be even cheaper!!



Exchange rate: Aprox 2.5 (pev) :1 (usd)

Total Days: 14

Places Visited
– Cusco
– Machu Pichu
– Olyantambo
– Manu National Park

Breakdown:  (Note:  All costs have been converted to USD)

We nearly always choose private room with private bath when available.  Usually with free breakfast and wi-fi.
Total $107     Daily Average $7.64 (Average does not include overnights included with tour to Manu)

This is a combination of street food and multiple restaurants.  We ate in more restaurants in Cusco than in our previous travels. Travel and in-room munchies went under Misc.
Total $224     Daily Average $  16.00

Totals here include two flights as well as the train to Aguas Calientes for our trip to Machu Pichu.  The flights were from Cusco to Piura and from Piura to Guayaquill.  When available and for longer distances we went with the higher priced ‘cama’ or ‘semi-cama’ (sleeper) busses.
Total $ 335 Daily Average $  25.36

This includes costs for gifts, souvenirs, toiletries, cigarettes, snacks, water, mailing some things home, etc
Total $159 Daily Average $  11.36

This includes three night tour to Machu Pichu and 4 night tour to Manu National Park.
Total $500 Daily Average $35.71

GRAND Total  $1345
Daily Average $96.07

Our overall expenses were more in Peru due to the major activities that we opted for in this location. We could have saved money by organizing Machu Pichu by ourselves. It really wouldn’t have been much different or any more difficult.