Only six weeks left….and counting!

I’m down to six more weeks here in Southern Texas and have been trying to make the best of the remaining time here. Trinity came down for Spring Break and we had a great time. We didn’t get to do a bunch but spending time together with her as a family was great! We enjoyed a day at the beach at South Padre Island and ate too much goodies including ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery. We celebrated Corey’s birthday with cake, baloons and jokes all around. I cant hardly believe that he is 17 already….makes me feel old!


I have been hanging out with several of the other travelers here. Ed and Theresa from Wisconson, and Paul from San Antonio. We are getting along great and have taken several trips into Mexico for booze and drugs (legal ones)! We ate at a little street-side taco stand one day and had the BEST taco’s I’ve ever eaten! The vendors are crazy….if you ask how much “quanto es?” they will tell you one thing and as you walk away…they will keep going down until you cant hear them call out anymore. The best saying yet is “almost free”….everything in Progresso is “almost free” no matter what the cost


Theresa and I spent this past weekend at South Padre Island. We rented a “condo” from our DON. I have to say that some people’s taste is a far cry from tasteful!! Royal blue carpet and 4 foot parrots on the wall is not my idea of good taste! Once we were able to look past the horrid decorating in the condo….we had a great time. Had drinks (too many…or just enough, I’m not sure) at a little out-door bar called Tequilla Sunrise. There was live music and too many sexy men!! Met a guy from Dallas named David and hung out with him and his friend (cant remember his name). We laughed and danced and joked and drank then had breakfast together.


Theresa and I got too much sun on the beach and it’s amazing how much sand a body can pick up!!! Aco had a great time running on the beach but she is still afraid of the waves and will do anything possible to stay as far away as possible….so funny to watch her “dig” in the sand to keep from the waves.


In two weeks it is fiesta in San Antonio and we are all planning to go and stay at Paul’s place and party for the weekend. Also planning a trip to Mexico City before I leave. I am kindof not looking forward to leaving as I have met some great people and we are having a lot of fun together. Theresa is talking about trying to get a position where-ever I end up so we can party together some more!! It would be great if she can. She has a few more weeks here than I do….we’ll see what happens.


Enough for now….