On Two Wheels with Johnny Vagabond

My friend Wes from Johnny Vagabond and I were discussing past travels while having drinks at our local bar Ricci’s.  We started discussing our Vietnam adventures. It just happens that we both spent part of our time in Vietnam exploring on two-wheels. We shared some laughs as we recounted my mis-adventures in Vietnam with the Easy Riders and his own adventures solo on a motorbike through Vietnam.

While he was relating his adventures with a motorbike through Vietnam, I started thinking… (Yes, I know that can be a dangerous thing.)  I wondered to myself if it would be possible to rent a motorbike here and explore the countryside.  A few days later, I suggested that we investigate the option.  Fortunately, he agreed.  A day later and we were off exploring on two wheels.


I did write about some of the things that stood out to me along the way like the Significance of Religion throughout Chiapas including el Romerillo Cemetary and the Cathedral at San Juan de Chamula. However, I haven’t detailed the whole story.  I could relate the experience here for you but why should I put in the effort when it’s already been done?  Besides, JV is a much better story-teller than I am and his photos are amazing.  If you want to read more, check out the details at Johnny Vagabond.

I have to report that not everything went exactly as planned but I’m glad we went and had a great time exploring.  We visited multiple local villages and simply enjoyed the fresh air and cool breezes. It was such a good time that I think it’s time for me to learn to ride solo…anyone want to give me lessons??