No time to waste time…

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed today…well, actually for the past week. I feel like I have so much that needs done and the more that piles on…the less I want to do. I have a Christmas party on Saturday during which we will be having a “yankee swap”. I already have a gift for the swap but need to get some paper and tape to wrap the damn thing. I also need to get a gift for Walter for Christmas…I have been meaning to do this for several weeks and now it is two days away and still not done!! In addition, I was supposed to go shopping for an outfit for the party and still have not done that…two days!! Who knows if I’ll get it done or not? The problem is…it gets dark so damn early here….by 4:30pm it’s black outside and then I dont feel like doing anything. Remind me to NEVER spend the fall/winter on the East coast EVER again!!


Then…I am flying out to go home next Wednesday!! I am still trying to decide if I should buy gifts for all of the family (yes…i do procrastinate). I know what the kids (mine) want and have known for several weeks and still have yet to buy one single gift!! I dont really have the extra cash to buy for all of the family and really dont want to drag a bunch of gifts with me on the flight home but somehow I still feel like I “should” get something for everyone!! Uggghhhh “what to do??”


*sigh* I have a bathroom floor full of laundry that needs done, a sink full of dishes, an empty refridgerator/cupboard, need to pack for my trip home, buy Christmas gifts (at least for the kids)………………………


On top of all of this the weather is calling for a “nor-easter” coming on Monday!! I have bald tires on my truck and cant afford the $400 for new ones due to my ex-asshole taking me to court!! Guess I’ll just call in if the roads are bad…wouldn’t do the kids much good if I’m DEAD!! And although the last thing that I am looking forward to is ~SNOW~


Maybe the Virgo in me would feel better if I make a list…yeah…that’s what I’ll do!! A list always makes a Virgo girl feel better, ask anyone that knows me. I think it’s time for my “shot” also. I need to check on that…been kinda short and bitchy lately and that is usually the first sign.


Going now to make that list…..