07.04.2011 – 10.04.2011

When I left New Orleans after MG, my Mom and Dad were getting ready to embark on a road-trip of their own. Mom mentioned NOLA. I was instantly ready to go. I knew that the New Orleans French quarter Festival was occuring during the time frame that they were considering so I suggested that I meet them there as an extension of my trip back toward home. My contract in KC was ending around this time and I was looking for something to do.

We made our plans and headed out planning to meet each other somewhere part-way. Note to anyone that is traveling with family: PATIENCE!! Mom, if your reading this….I still love you and always will!!

Our plans to meet were constantly changed due to Daddy’s interest in taking the “road less traveled”. I love him and I think that I get some of my wanderlust from him, but REALLY? Do you need to change your route every couple of hours?? I kept trying to figure out how to meet with them and they kept changing their route and making it impossible….

We finally met up together somewhere at a rest stop in the middle of no-where…..

The drive into New Orleans was stressfull for me as I was certain that Daddy was going to get killed in the traffic. He didn’t (thank God). We made it to our hotel together all safe.

We spent several days exploring New Orleans together and I got to introduce Mom to crawfish (still not sure if she liked them or not). I got to see Trombone Shorty, one of my favorite New Orleans performers. I think they enjoyed themselves? 

If you are interested in seeing the few photo’s I have of this trip go HERE