It’s GREEN again!!

Arriving in San Diego was an awesome sight after the bleariness of the desert. The green just poped up when I crossed the mountains into San Diego. Palm trees….grass….blue sky…. I am happy to have arrived. I think that I’ve checked in with everyone and told them that I’m ok??

My apartment complex is awesome. Two sections with each having it’s own pool, fitness center, and business center. The complex is landscaped beautifully! There are these tiny little white flowers that smell wonderful and trees with purple blooms and bird of paradise and pink flowers on vines on the buildings…. Have I arrived in Heaven??

The apartment is very nice (the nicest place this mid-western chick has ever lived in). I have a garden tub in the bathroom, a nice sized corner patio. Pitfall….third floor!! Uggggghhhh I have to drag all my shit up THREE flights of steps! Elevator?? NOPE…guess this will be good for my fat ass! I’m considering this my workout for the next few days. Have to drive to Sacramento on Thursday, so going to rest a little today and tomorrow. Will save exploring the city for another day.