Is Travelng Solo for me?

A recent post by a fellow female traveler Why Solo Travel Is Not For Me made me think about why and how I travel.  I’m scared to travel alone and scared to travel with others.  With an upcoming trip to SA with a good friend in the final stages of planning; I’m nervous about traveling with someone else.  At the same time, my trip into Vietnam at one point, was very lonely and all I wanted was someone to share it with me.

I find myself constantly thinking about the 2013 RTW trip that I am planning.  Will I go through the same loneliness issues that I experienced iin Vietnam?  Will I thrive on being out there alone?  Will I be able to meet others?  With a good majority of backpackers under the age of 30 and myself much older than that, it is sometimes difficult to meet and interact with other travelers.

I enjoy being on my own and not having to clear my plans with anyone.  Being able to do exactly what I want to do.  But on the other hand,it’s also nice to be able to have someone to share experiences with and also share the burden of travel arrangements and constant decision making.  Whch train do I/we take, where do I/we go to eat dinner, is this a good deal or am I/we being ripped off….  The day to day issues are endless. Sometimes it’s a relief to be able to share these issues with others.

You can read about my trials in Vietnam, if you feel so inspired.

Do you ‘solo’ travel?  How do you balance being alone with spending time with other backpackers?