Gratitude (in the Peruvian Amazon)

If there is one thing that will forever stay with me from my excursion into the Peruvian Amazon…it’s gratitude!!

Yes, there was wildlife . . .

monkeys, birds, and river dolphins were abundant.

And there was amazing Scenery …

But honestly it’s not the wildlife or the scenery that will stick with me.

I was the only english speaker with two French speaking tourists and a staff of solely Spanish speaking members (even my guide). Because of this, conversations were diffcult and exhausting which left me a lot of time alone . . . taking in my surroundings.

I spent two nights sitting on a darkened dock at the lodge far away from anything that you would call ‘civilization’. During these starlit moments with the jungle sounds all around me, it gave me time to realize how exceptionally grateful I am for the experiences that I’ve been able to have in my life.


I reflected on the sound of the deep throated howl of monkeys in the distance and the sounds of the multitude of frogs and other nocturnal animals. These are sounds that most people I know will never have an opportunity to experience.

The light of the stars reflecting on the river, so bright that I could make out the constellations on the slow flowing water. The slight rocking of the dock from the movement of the river below.

The simplicity and hard work of a life on the river. Watching as the workers made thatch for their roof, or brought in their daily haul of fish and prepared it for our dinners. Days spent rowing up and down the river to guide tourists or take and bring supplies. The nightly river bathing and clothes washing that was simply a part of daily life.

There are so many things about travel that make me grateful. I’m grateful that I was born to the life I was born in. I’m grateful for the educational opportunities that I was afforded¬†that allows me to experience these things. I’m grateful that I am brave enough to face my fears and take a leap into the unknown. I’m grateful that I have friends and family that support me both in my personal and my business endeavors.

I’m so grateful that I’ve been presented with and taken this opportunity to learn, and explore this amazing world that we live in.

These are the faces that made this month so full of GRATITUDE!

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