Finding Hidden Gems

Grand Coulee Dam
August 26-29

Sometimes you have to just go exploring and seek out the hidden gems.  Grand Coulee Dam was our next stop. The RV park left a LOT to be desired…won’t even disucss that! It’s only saving grace is that it had a good book exchange and I was in need of some new reading materials.

We did have a great time visiting the Dam and the surrounding area. Dad let me drive the Falcon for the very first time!! The true “Hidden Gem” and Highlight for me was the Native American Graveyard “Sacred Heart Cemetery” in Nespelem WA where Dad and I took way too many photo’s and spent at least an hour wandering around and feeling humbled by the outpouring of love that was evident from looking at the graves.

The way a culture treats their dead is something that’s always interesting to me. I know…morbid, Right!!  Scared Heart Cemetery is a very old graveyard and many of the markers are unreadable and beginning to crumble. It’s very colorful as the native american’s leave tons of trinkets and ‘gifts’ for the dead. It’s quite a sight to see. I wish that I could have chatted with someone to find out a little more about the ceremonies and traditions that go along with all of the trinkets.

The Lazer light show at the dam was disappointing to say the least but the views were outstanding! We went up to the observation point instead of watching from the visitor center. There is supposed to be music or a soundtrack that plays on the radio with the light show but we (nor the young couple with us) couldn’t get it to come in.

Dad chatted with one of the other RV’ers at the park and ended up letting him drive the Falcon!! Ask him about how he made a grown man cry…

Still trying to catch up!! I’m going to post several updates, and will back-date them in an effort to get them posted in an appropriate time-line. Please bear with me as I can’t currently add photo’s or links….I’m working on it!!

The Hip-Gyp Trip began on June 3, 2016 and who knows when and where it will end…  If you would like to see all of the photo’s from the trip, please visit Hip-Gyp Photo’s

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To be continued….