Feeling better

Ok, I’m feeling a little better tonight than I did last night. The virgo in my composed a list. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with a list. I was able to catch up on most everything. Today I went shopping for me and bought not one but two new outfits, I will wear one of them for tomorrow’s party. The other one was “just because”. I bought Trinity’s Christmas presents…still need to wrap them, but the shopping part is finished. I also got her Christmas PJ’s!! I wasn’t able to get what Corey wanted because I couldn’t find it…the stores that I went to were out….so, he will have to wait until after Christmas for his “big” gift. I did however, fill his stocking (your never too old for a stocking), and I got him a couple of small things that I think he’ll like. I finally decided on a gift for Walter. All of the laundry is finished!! The dishes are done….the refridgerator is full….


*whew* It is now after midnight and I am beat!! It has been a long yet productive day.


Now I am going to “veg” and try to get some sleep. I am looking forward to the party tomorrow night and hope to get lots of pictures to share with everyone. I really wanted to get something sexy to wear to the party but opted for something more reserved….at least the outer clothes are reserved (we wont discuss the undergarments…at least not here!).


I think the only thing left for me to do this weekend is to relax and enjoy myself and that is exactly what I plan to do. Come Monday, things will get stressful again as I am leaving on Wednesday for home. Did I mention that Corey is not going home with me for Christmas? I know….your thinking, “what an awful mother to leave her son on Christmas..” but this is what he wants. I dont like the thought of leaving him here in Boston by himself, but I have to remember that he is almost an adult *uggggh* what a thought!!


Happy Friday to everyone!!