An Entrepreneur: Moving forward on my Dream

Sometimes life gives you stressful times. Pushing past these and moving forward toward the end-goal can be difficult.

It’s time for me to DE-STRESS

A little background…

Back in 2008…I took a giant leap and took my very first International trip to Vietnam!  It was an amazing experience full of a variety of introspection, joy, fear, sadness and challenges.  Through it all…I feel in LOVE with International Travel. It was sometime during this trip that I made a commitment to myself to make international travel a part of my life, not just a one-time experience.

Coming back from Vietnam, I immediately began to formulate the ‘plan’ to be able to travel more extensively.  More?  If you know me, you’ll know that I am a travel nurse and already ‘travel’ nearly full-time with my job…my goal was to travel (internationally) more!

Over the past 5 years (post-Vietnam), I’ve put extensive time and effort into living a debt-free lifestyle.  It’s been a hard road, with many sacrifices along the way.  On the positive side, my passion and endurance have enabled me to continue to travel to many wonderful places like Italy, South America and Central America.  These experiences have only cemented in my mind that travel is a part of my soul.

Living Debt-free

Living debt-free has opened many door for me, including my most recent endeavors as The Gypsy Nurse.

The Gypsy Nurse is a culmination of a decade-long dream for me.

A place for travel nurses to communicate, meet and support each other in a friendly and supportive environment. 

Because of living a debt-free lifestyle, I was able to take about 6 months off of work to ‘birth’ my vision and bring The Gypsy Nurse to life.   Operating a web-site with no ‘tech’ background has been a huge life challenge for me.  The learning curve has been huge! There were many players in the initial start-up that played key roles in the current success of The Gypsy Nurse, not insignificant being the simple supportive words of my family and personal friends.

I’ve never been ‘secretive’ about the fact that I hope to utilize the website as a small source of income.  There are expenses that go into maintaining a website, and hundreds and hundreds of hours of work ‘behind the scenes’.  My ultimate hope is that the resources provided via the website are/will be beneficial to the traveler and help bring my dream of ‘collaboration, community and camaraderie’ to the Travel Nursing world. I’ve put more hours into this than I ever imagined would be necessary.  In addition, my heart and soul have guided every aspect of the endeavor, my intentions have always been to provide a place ‘FOR THE TRAVELER’.

There have been some major ‘bumps’ in the road recently which have left me feeling defeated….

I took about two weeks of ‘down-time’, reconnected with my mission and I’m now back and feeling much less stressed.  Sometimes, we just need to step away and take a look at the big picture in order to put things in order.