Cupcakes, Cabaret and Road Trips: Part I

27.01.2011 – 05.04.2011

I realized yesterday that it’s been almost a full year since I started this new blog and I haven’t put a single travel entry in. I am ashamed. Actually, not really. But I figure that it’s time to start putting down my thoughts and experiences once again.

I’ve been caught up this year with feeling sorry for myself, having surgery (elective), more feeling sorry for myself, attempting to spend time with my family, and lots of planning.

Where to start? It’s been a busy year, although not the busy that I would ultimately enjoy and really mostly lazy at times. Let’s start where I last left off, Kansas City. KC wasn’t as enjoyable as I had planned for it to be. Actually, nothing has been very enjoyable lately (see feeling sorry for myself) but it’s mostly me.

North KC Hospital was a hard and busy place to work. Three months there flew by. I really didn’t do much there as it was one of the worst winters I’ve had in a long time. Lots of snow and really cold tempuratures don’t do much to entice me to get out of the house to explore. I’m sure that there is tons to do in KC, but I really can’t comment on it.

There are a couple of things that stand out from my time in KC. First being my daughter, Trinity and her friends chose to come visit me in KC for their Jr year Spring Break. Can you imagine that? I would never have choosen KC for Spring Break, given a choice. Oh, well. It was a great time with three teen-age girls in the studio apartment of mine…imagine it….make-up, clothes, shoes, for 4 females scattered all over my tiny little place of solitude.

We enjoyed the week seeing the play Cabaret (which we all loved), playing around at the Crayon store in the local mall, and a night of comedy at a local Improv show.

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The other thing that stands out from my time in KC is the CUPCAKES!!! Yes, cupcakes! I your ever in KC, give 3GirlsCupcakes a call and ask for a drive-by, or better yet follow her on FB and do like I did the first time and see if you can chase her down somewhere in KC. These are the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Tell her “hello, from the travel nurse on 8th”. Maybe she will remember me, I was a very good customer during my sulky days in KC.

One more thing that stands out from my time in KC is that I didn’t stick around KC a lot during my time there. I was on the move! I traveled a lot, now that I really look at it. In February I drove to Minneapolis to visit my friend, Teresa. Then the first week in March, Lisa and I took the most interesting trip to New Orleans I’ve ever had (this deserves it’s own post so I’ll fill you in on the details later). Then in March the Girls arrived for a week. Before I knew it, the contract was done and I was heading on a road trip back to New Orleans to meet my parents.

It went by so fast and looking back on it, I really did have a good time although I still can’t tell you a thing about KC, other than if you get a chance you should give it a try. I think that there is a lot to see and do and maybe someday I’ll go back and actually stay in town and explore.