Keeping It Cheap and Simple: USA Couchsurfing Adventure

Travel Nurse Couchsurfing

Travel Nurse CouchsurfingIf you don’t know what couch-surfing is; I recommend that you look it up and check it out. It’s a great way to connect with others that enjoy a life of travel.

I’ve been registered on the couch surfing site for several years but have never been able to get the nerve up to actually get out and do it. I figured that I could give it a go in my home country so that at least I would know that we could communicate with each other in a common language. Did I ever mention that I am horrible with language? Yes, I suck!

I connected with a Minneapolis couple that I’m going to refer to as M & M via M & M are as new to couch-surfing as I am. M & M have hosted many exchange students over the years but have never had a couch surfer. It’s a first experience for all of us. It was a wonderful experience. I now have even more friends in Minneapolis

travel nurse in minneapolisI couldn’t have asked for a better couch-surfing experience. M&M were great hosts. I arrived on the Mr’s Birthday and was invited to join them for a Birthday dinner. We enjoyed a great Italian style pizza and had a home-made birthday cake for dessert. After dinner, M&M took me to St. Anthony Falls and bridge. We couldn’t have timed it any better as we arrived right as the sun was setting along the city skyline.

Travel Nurse meets Gazebo GirlsI became an unofficial member of the “Gazebo Girls” club. What is the Gazebo Girls? It a small group of women in the neighborhood that gather at J’s house one night a week for wine and chatting. I was made to feel right at home by everyone.

I was also introduced to a few ‘neighborhood’ secrets like the gnome home of Gned and the local library which holds a secret that I’ve been sworn to secrecy on! If you would like to check out the adventures of Gned, he has a Facebook Group.

A huge thank you to my Minneapolis hosts M & M. I only had a day and a half in Minneapolis but thanks to M & M, I discovered a side of Minneapolis that I truly enjoyed. I’ll certainly be anticipating my return trip.

If you would like to discover couchsurfing or learn a little more about this great community you can visit the website.