Coffee…sangria…and more, oh My!!

A bunch has been happening…. I went to Progresso, Mexico for my first Mexican dental experience. Anyone that knows me, knows how scared I am of the dentist…let alone going in a foreign country!!! It turned out to be a great experience. The dentist was very gentle and explained everything to me…in ENGLISH!! ha ha So, I go back tomorrow to get things finished up. NO MORE CANDIED PECANS!!!!


Theresa, Ed and I spent Saturday at the island…again. We walked and laid on the beach and enjoyed the salt air and warm sun. Then we went to something called SPLASH at Tequilla Frogs, one of the many bars on the island. Splash is an annual gay/lesbian event and was a huge blast!! And…I didn’t get hit on (always a good thing in an alternative environment). We all got a little too much sun and some of us…I won’t say names…had a little too much alcohol too!! I got to flirt with the waiter at Denny’s…he remembered me! There were lots of bikers on the island this weekend too, apparently some sort of Biker Fest was going on…, some of those boys are HOT!!


On the work side of things…the forementioned “charge nurse” is behaving for now. Actually, he is acting like nothing at all happened. I have a difficult time respecting people that behave that way. It’s like nothing happened and everything is just like it was before…maybe for him, but once I lose respect for someone….so sorry!! So, I am anxiouly (kindof) awaiting my exit from here. Although I am truly going to miss Theresa and Ed. I will definately be a little saddened when I have to leave them as they have become good friends during the time here. I will miss them. Maybe…sometime in the future we can find our way to another assignment together!


I am trying to get some pictures on here but am having lots of trouble…. I wish I knew how to make my own site for pictures to link to. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know!! I’m just a computer idiot at times…but I fuddle my way through the best I can.


So…four more weeks of coffee on the patio with Theresa in the mornings and drinks on the patio with her and Ed in the evenings… Did I mention that I found a GREAT place for Sangria? OMG!! I am in love….maybe I’ll stay just for the sangria?? No, probably not? Oh, and I cant forget days off on the beach or sitting by the pool or in the not-so-hot tub..ha ha! It really has been a good time here…I feel like I am on vacation.