Christmas 2004 Taunton Style

Christmas with Walter’s crew…

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Told all of you that I was going to a Christmas Party with my friend Walter….We had a great time. It ended up being an adventure just to get the party going… Walter was in charge of the turkey. They usually have him deep fry one. Once I got to Walter’s, we packed up the truck and headed on our way… Stopped at Wal Mart along the way to pick up some oil for the turkey fryer. What should have taken 5 minutes ended up taking about 45. Aparently no one in Wal Mart knows where to find anything!! We wandered all over the store in our attempt to find peanut oil….asked multiple employees along the way and finally…hear a page overhead “would the customer looking for peanut oil please come to the front of the store”. So, to the front we headed…now one would think that they would have the oil in hand for us, right? Wrong.  Once we got to the front of the store…then, they sent someone to the shipping area to get it for us… Ok, oil in hand and off we go!! We get to Denis and Alicia’s to find that the propane tank is empty… Off to find propane…this ended up being an easy task. Remember that I really dont know any of these people very well, except Walter…and due to the events that took place over Labor Day Weekend (sorry, I wont disclose those here), I had no idea how these friends of Walter’s were going to accept me. Alicia and Dennis were nice as ever…Walter and I arrived long before the rest of the guest so that he could get the turkey going. Things were a little slow going… Finally, the guests began to arrive…Lance, Jim, Kim (her new boyfriend showed up later), some neighbor guy from Canada and his wife, and a bunch more that I cant remember the names!! Sorry!!


We spent the evening drinking, eating, yankee swap (I got a bottle of Kalua~somehow it didn’t come home with me), and games…. The group welcomed me with open arms and a few swats on the ass…guess that means that I am part of the group now?? We had a fire outside in the fire-pit, who wants to be outside in 15 degree weather?? Not me!! I froze my ass off. Walter and I left around 12-1am. I dont really know what time it was~wasn’t paying attention.


When I woke up this morning~Walter informed me that his son was getting dropped off in like 20 minutes!! Now….realize that I have no interest in becoming part of this man’s family…I do not want his son to “get to know” me….I like Walter and enjoy spending time with him but some things are meant to remain separate and me and kids is definately one of those things….Walter knows this!! So, I quickly shower and get out of dodge!! Come to find out, I left my brand new pants there in my rush to get going (yes, I wore pants home….just a different pair). So, guess I’ll be calling Walter to figure out when I can pick up my stuff.