Cao Thon Vietnam: A Day Visiting an Incense Making Village

DSC_0239As travelers and photographers, Trinity and I are always seeking out the unexpected, the less touristed, and the most unique experiences as we travel.

Places that not only provide great photography moments but also show the local culture. The highlight of our visit to Hanoi was the day we found the village of Bao Khe (Cao Thon) in the Hung Yen Province of Vietnam. It was a culmination of both of these endeavors.

We had a general area marked on the map, and with cautious optimism that we would actually find the location we were seeking…we set out from Hanoi with a driver.

Cao Thon Village residents have been making incense for over 200 years and it’s touted to be the ‘oldest incense making village in Vietnam’ with over 100 village families involved.

Tết or Vietnamese New Year, (Feb 16, 2018) is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture. In the month and weeks leading up to Tết, it’s the busiest time of year for this village as they work tirelessly to produce the incense that is used before, during, and after Tet, for the many offerings of incense to their ancestors.

The sights didn’t disappoint!!

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