Wow…Three months and a complete assignment since I last posted. I’m still in Morehead City, NC right now with only two and a half weeks left on my assignment. The plan is to go to Phoenix, AZ next….

I extended my contract here with hopes of living on the beach and enjoying all that the beach has to offer….  Little did I know that after Labor Day, the beach is like a deserted Island!! There are many days when I am the only person on the beach within sight. Aco love it and has been able to run free of her leash and play in the sand and the water. She has been great! She listens a lot better now (although she still gets distracted easily).

I’m sitting at work right now and quite bored at the present time. I shouldn’t complain, it’s a nice break when it’s quiet. I’m just looking forward to leaving here and moving into a new place with new people and new problems…yep…every place has them and I’m sure that Phoenix will not be any different than the many other places that I’ve been.

Trinity was here and just went home yesterday….I miss her already. She has been talking with me over the last year about living with me and we discussed it in depth during her visit. I thought that she had decided that she was moving after this school year then tonight…she called me (at work) to tell me that she thinks she is going to stay in Kendallville. I really just want her to be happy, and to make a decision. A lot will change if she chooses to come and live with me but change is good…right?

I haven’t been home to visit for about two months and am not sure when I am going home again….dont really care to be there anymore. I would much rather have Trinity come to visit me although it doesn’t always work out that she can and it gets rather expensive too. I dont know what it is about Kendallville but I just dont want to be there….

A lot has been happening:

Mom and I had a major fight….it’s better now….

Mom bailed out Shane and he is living back home with Trae….

I have made a new friend ‘Donna’ and I think she is going to travel to Arizona with me…

I’m having second thoughts about being alone (as in ‘no man in my life)….

Trinity is growing up and beginning to like ‘boys’….

Corey is living in Corydon, still without a job or a drivers license….

Donnie is still in Jail and waiting to be transferred to a state facility….