BootsnAll’s Indie Travel Challenge 2012: Week #3 Learning Through Travel


BootsnAll is one of my premier go-to sites for travel related information.   For anyone contemplating a RTW (round the world) trip. This is the place to start.    In 2012 BootsnAll will be issuing one challenge/task/subject each week in 2012 for bloggers to write about. 

Week #3

Have you ever studied or taken classes on a trip? What did you study, and perhaps more importantly, what did you learn while on that trip? What would you like to learn on your travels?

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet taken the opportunity to take a class or learn anything in the traditional sense on my journeys.  I discussed in the Week #1 challenge that this is one of my goals for my travels in 2012.

Although I haven’t formally taken any classes, I feel that I have learned a ton during my short time traveling.

Things that I have learned about me:

– I prefer to travel slow and get to know a place. As I discovered while traveling in Germany

– I’m much more adventurous than I though when it comes to trying new/interesting foods.

– I get lonely and homesick.

– I’m nervous and scared every time I go out on my own.

– I enjoy giving with no expectations.

Things that I have learned about others:

– The majority of people are good.

– People  want to make a personal connection.

– Strangers can be closer than your best friend or family for a moment or period in time.

– Language isn’t always a barrier.

– Food, family and community are Important in any culture.

– There is always going to be a ‘bad apple’ in a group.

What I’ve learned about Places:

– Each place has a specific feel, unique to its self; almost a personality.

– There is something good to find everywhere you go.  Sometimes you just have to look harder or open your mind a little bit.

– Learning some of the history of a place helps me understand the place its self a little better.

There is so much more to learn.  I hope to take some classes in 2012 and learn how to prepare some of the exciting food that I endulge in on my travels. In addition, I am hoping to learn a little Spanish. I strive each day to learn a little something more about myself and I think this is a lifelong challenge. I am ever-changing, being shaped and turned by all of life’s experiences. Be it from a simple gesture of kindness, or animosity; each moment changes who I am. Every experience shapes how I see the future. Every historical site or natural wonder helps me view the world with a little more clarity.

It makes no difference if you travel at home or abroad, in you local community or on another continent; there is always something to learn.

I’ve shared what I hope to learn in 2012. What do you strive to learn?