Bolivia Expenses

I’ve been keeping a log of our expenses for anyone interested.  Traveling isn’t really as expensive as many think.  Take a look at the numbers below for proof.  The point that I like to make is that if you travel slower (we have moved every 2-4 days); the cost’s can be even cheaper!!



Exchange rate: Aprox 7 (bob) :1 (usd)

Total Days: 19

Cities Visited
– LaPaz
– Oruro
– Sucre
– Potosi
– Uyuni
– Copacabana

Breakdown:  (Note:  All costs have been converted to USD)

We nearly always choose private room with private bath when available.  Usually with free breakfast and wi-fi.
Total $369     Daily Average $19.42

This is a combination of street food and multiple restaurants.  Travel and in-room munchies went under Misc.
Total $133     Daily Average $  7.00

When available and for longer distances we went with the higher priced ‘cama’ or ‘semi-cama’ (sleeper) busses.
Total $ 93.5 Daily Average $  4.92

This includes costs for gifts, souvenirs, toiletries, cigarettes, snacks, water, etc
Total $166.5 Daily Average $  8.76

This includes city tour in LaPaz, Salt Flat Tour, Private taxi from Sucre to Potosi and Carnival Seats in Oruro
Total $260 Daily Average $13.68

GRAND Total  $1022
Daily Average $53.79