Bavarian in the USA

Leavenworth WA
August 30 – September 6th.

As I continue to try to catch up I’m going to post several updates, and will back-date them in an effort to get them posted in an appropriate time-line. Please bear with me as I can’t currently add photo’s or links….I’m working on it!!

Leavenworth WA is a quaint little Bavarian themed town, built out of a dream to resurrect a dying town. It WORKED!! It’s a fun place to spend a day wandering in and out of the little shops. All the storefronts are Bavarian themed and you can get your ‘authentic’ schnitzel and wieners fix on! Funny enough…I got exactly 0 pictures of the town of Leavenworth!! I do have to say that it made me feel like I was back in Germany if only for a brief moment.

We stayed at Icicle River RV park and both the staff and the neighbors were a pleasure! Neil, was Dad’s immediate neighbor and the guys spent several nights telling lies around the campfire! We left Neil a little going away note so he wouldn’t forget us!!


We took a day and visited the Dam (this is the third or fourth Dam that we’ve visited and I can’t remember the name of it. This was probably one of my favorites, it was very nicely landscaped with picnic areas and the fish ladder was very cool! On the way back to Leavenworth from the Dam, we stopped and visited the nearby town of Cashmere.

_ICICLE RIVER RV PARK, Leavenworth WA_0019


My personal highlight on this trip was the Gnome hunt that brought me back to acting like a kid again in Cashmere!! The town should update this and capitalize on the marketing potential!! It’s a cute and fun thing that children (or kids at heart) will enjoy!

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To be continued….