Arrived in McAllen, TX

Two days in New Orleans….one day in Corpus Christi, Tx… day on South Padre Island…now I’m in McAllen!!! It’s been a very, very long trip….but all is well. I LOVE my new apartment and the town seems good so far. Lots of Mexican’s but they have been very polite so far and I dont feel as much like a minority as I thought I might. My recruiter sent me a boquet of flowers to brighten up the apartment (I thought it was a nice touch). Lisa and I are whipped!! I found my way around town and to work. Lisa helped me “set-up” the apartment and everything is in place and I feel like I am at home. Lisa fly’s out Friday and Corey will be arriving in town Friday also…I miss that Brat!! I still have a hundred things that I need to finish up, but today was a day of rest!! Much needed, I might add!! I am hoping to post some pictures soon of the new place so keep an eye out….