And so it begins…

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post about how Blaise I was feeling.  Once all the pre-planning is done and details hashed out, then comes the wait.  The wait is the least fun.  Anticipation for me is the pinnacle of boredom.

Today however….it begins.

I’m on the Amtrak as I write this and feeling like the adventure has begun.  Watching the world flow by me as I gaze out the window.  Nothing beats train travel.  I would travel the whole world via train if only I could. something about the gentle hum of the engine and the sway of the car, it lulls me into a mode of relaxation unparalleled.
The sights breezing by out the window are a constant form of entertainment.  The passengers on the train equally as interesting.  Each with their own story.  Each on their own adventure.  I wonder where they going.  What experience are they embarking on or returning from?  My adventure melds into a part of their adventure and theirs into mine.  Our worlds become entwined for a few brief hours.

Life outside my window goes on as if nothing is changed.  Lights begin to turn on in people’s homes.  The morning routines and commutes take their start.  I envision coffee brewing in someone’s kitchen and tired eyes greeting the day snuggled in warm blankets.  Eyes opening in a brightening day as the dawn unfolds.  Knowing that today will hold the same as yesterday.  No surprises, no adventures, nothing out of the ordinary.

Life inside the train is another story.  The lights come on in the train car as tired eyes try to adjust.  The passengers begin to stretch out sore achy muscles from a night spent half-sitting, half-lying in the coach seats.  Slowly passengers begin the morning routine.  Pulling a toothbrush out of their bag stored above or wandering toward the bathroom for some morning relief.  The dining car is a certain destination.  The smell of coffee soon wafts through the train.

I’m going to close the computer, kick up my feet and enjoy the world pass outside my window.  I hope your day finds something unusual, something to reflect on, something enjoyable.

It’s a wonderful start to what will hopefully be a great adventure.

(I’ve made it to the hotel and panning to spend the evening relaxing and preparing myself emotionally for the upcoming challenges.)