An Apology and an Update

First I would like to apologize to all my friends and followers out there for the delay in my posting. I cant believe that it has been more than a month since my last post here. I could give the excuse that I’ve been busy….and I have been, but excuses are worthless in my opinion. So, I’m sorry.

Now for an update:

I’ve been here in McAllen for about a month now and I think I have had something like four days off excluding the last three days in which I had to go to Indiana for court (remember that?). So, I’ve been working my little (or not so little) hiney off! I have met some great people at the new hospital. Estel, Ray, Paul, Copelyn, Myrna, and many others. The staff here has made me feel right at home. The nights are long and I am trying not only to adjust to the night-shift but also to the difference in acuity of my patients. It has so far, been a very good experience and is “pushing the envelope” and providing many opportunities for me to increase my clinical skills. Like most hospitals in the great USA, we are short staffed most of the time but so far the patient loads have been manageable.

On the social end of things….it’s been very quiet and lonley. I am already missing my friends in Boston and back home. I have tried to keep phone/email contact and I do know that I have not done as well with this as I should… The city of McAllen affords a wonderful array of traditional Mexican food which is wonderful!! The other night I shared a “Botana” (i think that’s how you spell it) with my co-workers….yummy yummy!!! I have yet to venture out on my own much due to the hours that I have been working and the fact that I am a bit intimidated by the fact that I am a minority here. I am hoping that I will soon overcome this and get the hell out of the apartment! A fellow traveler and I are planning to go into Mexico one day next week to explore and do a little shopping, looking forward to this.

I just returned from Indiana today. Had to deal with the court/ex-husband on some child support/visitation issues…. this turned in my favor! I dont yet know if the court will order me to pay child support or not, the judge is reviewing it and will decide within two weeks. I will keep you posted. For those of you that are aware of the trials I have had in attempting to obtain my rightful visitation, hopefully this issue is now solved. The judge actually told my ex “I have half a mind to charge you with contempt right now”. I have been given authority to have visitation for Spring Break and am looking forward to Trinity coming here to sunny McAllen for the week. The travel arrangements have already been made and she is eagerly anticipating the trip. She will be flying alone for the first time and a little nervous about the flight but excited. There were a couple of pivital (sp?) moments in the courtroom that I am going to try to share…frankly, I feel like the Judge finally realized the true nature that is my ex.

– a comment from the judge in response to Ricks plea of having a difficult time financially was “get a job” Interesting and enlightening concept!!

– the “priceless” look on the judge’s face when the ex was denying receipt of THREE different certified letters from me

– the comment from the judge to me that “you are going above and beyond” when he realized that I provide a phone for contact with my daughter and talk to her almost every day

– the fact that Rick is now Ordered by the court to obtain a phone so that I may have a way to contact him in regards to visitation…when he could have used Trinity’s cell!!

-I will now get 6 weeks of visitation with Trinity for the summer school break along with standard visitation for a “distant” parent (if this is denied, it will probably mean contempt charges for my ex with the penalty that comes with contempt up to jail)

So, overall I feel good about the outcome of court. I will await to hear about the support issue, but in the meantime I will enjoy the ability to have quality time with my daughter!!

I am off to work tonite so I am going to get going for now and I will try to update more frequently as time allows. I am hoping to work lots of overtime and stash some “fun money” away while I am here. Trinity will be here March 20th for a week so you may not get an update until after she goes back home.

good day to all….