A Waterfall Wonderland

Next Stop… Ainsworth State Park, (Just East of Portland OR)
Sept 20 – October 4th

I was really looking forward to being in Oregon. It’s such a beautiful state and it didn’t disappoint on this trip (although there could have been a bit less rain). We stayed at Ainsworth State Park, which is in the heart of the waterfalls that dot this stretch of the Columbia River Valley. It’s truly a magical place.

I’m still trying to catch up! This post is also backdated in an effort to get the postings in an appropriate time-line. Please bear with me as I can’t currently add photo’s or links….I’m working on it!! Don’t forget to keep track of us via Facebook and the Map…I’ve been doing a pretty good job of keeping more up to date there than here…

This was another long stay (2 weeks) in which I was gone for a week for the Annual Travelers Conference and then Dad was gone for several days for Taylor and Vicki’s wedding back in Indiana. Dad got the opportunity to go back to the house for a night and I wondered if he was going to return to the #HipGypTrip…guess what? I think I may have turned him into a Gypsy!! He’s back and more committed than ever to continue to travel!!

While I was gone, Dad and Dan made some new friends that are from the Sacramento area. They offered to let us stay at their RV park on the Sacramento River for a couple of nights! They even messaged me since we left to remind us that we should stop by. The people that we’ve met along this trip have been wonderful! There truly is more ‘good’ in people than bad…or maybe that’s just some of our good Karma working. (Maybe it could work on helping us NOT miss all the good stuff!!)

While Dad was back home in Indiana, Dan and I went on a riverboat brunch cruise which was quite fun. The food wasn’t the best but the Mimosa’s, the views and the Captain made up for it!

I could have stayed here for an additional week to do some hiking and visit the waterfalls, but it was time to move on…

More Photo’s

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To be continued….