A Quirky Travel Companion

On my drive home from Providence, I had decided to stop by Gettysburg and visit the sites. As I was approaching the town of Gettysburg, my Dad called and we started chatting (via bluetooth) about how my trip had gone….etc…etc…

Next thing I know, I’m at the park and admiring all of the statues.  Dad asks about what I am seeing and as I’m telling him, he is looking it up online.  He then reads about the statue to me via phone and I got to hear about the history/significance of the statues as I was seeing it.

We continued this way for well over an hour….and even had a couple of drop-in companions when Dad’s friends Dan and Doug showed up and Dad put me on speakerphone.


I know that this sounds really stupid to all of you out there.  However, this was quite significant for me.  I really enjoyed having Dad there with me (even if it was only on the phone).  I have wanted Dad to travel to see me forever and it has just never happened.  Somehow, having him on the phone was like him being with me.  I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and chatting about the different sites as I was seeing them.

I wish that he could have been there in person but I will always remember the trip that Dad and I took together to Gettysburg.